Monday, 29 September 2014

my make up storage - part two

As promised, here is the second part of my make up organisation post. This time, we'll be delving deep into the big white cabinet which houses the majority of my make up. I think this was from QVC, it was a graduation present from my grandparents. I'm not sure you can get it any more, but I'll add a link if I manage to find one.

The top two sections open out as such to reveal two larger compartments, one with a lipstick organiser and the other much more open. The mirror is a pretty good size as well.

The left side holds most of my foundations and some other complexion things. My highlighters and All Nighter Spray also live here because they don't fit anywhere else. There are a few random items in the shelves up top because it's the only place I could find: my Lip Tar and MAC Fluidline both live here, as well as a random Benefit brush I use for contouring sometimes.

The lipstick organiser on the other side holds most of my lipsticks, organised by brand: at the back there are Maybelline, then MAC, Covergirl Lip Perfection and Revlon Super Lustrous at the front. In the bottom right is my newest Rimmel Kate Moss (number 101 if you're wondering), and behind that is the Bite Beauty Duo lipstick in the neutral shade (it's tiny)

These shelves also hold things that don't go anywhere else. There are some lipbalms and a sharpener, my Seventeen concealer and Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Icon. In the middle at the top is a 'depotted' NYX blush in Taupe because the packaging fell apart. Not impressed. I don't have anywhere else to put it, so this will do for now!

This drawer is for primers, concealers, and other general complexion things. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder is here because it's huge and this is the only place I could find for it. There's also Benefit High Beam at the very back.

This is mostly chubby lip pencils (mostly Revlon) and Rimmel Apocalips. There are also a few lipliners in here, at the back. It's safe to say I'm not in need of any new lip products.

Maybelline Color Tattoos take up the majority of this drawer (I bought another four on holiday, oops!). There are my two most used MAC single eyeshadows at the front (Grain and Satin Taupe). The rest of the drawer is brow products because I made a few new discoveries while I was in the US: I was very late on the Gimme Brow train but I'm a believer now!

This is a general eye drawer: it contains the many mascaras that I bought over the past few weeks, eyeliners and primers. That white tube is the Hard Candy Lash Primer which I've been experimenting with and the Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner is lingering in there somewhere.

This is a whole section of 'things without other homes'. There are a lot of face powders in here, primer samples and foundations that didn't work for me during the summer. There's a tiny MAC Strobe Cream at the back as well. The Soap and Glory concealer has to be kept here because it is huge and it will not go anywhere else.

This is probably the most aesthetically pleasing of all the drawers. It's mostly blushers, with the Benefit ones on the left and others on the right: there's some Tarte, my new Nars, a Milani and a couple of Sleek ones at the front. This is also where I keep the Bourjois Java Rice powder and Benefit Lollitint, which I'm in love with.

So that's how I organise and store my make up. I'm finally pretty pleased with my organisation, as it's really easy to find what I need and it looks pretty nice. I don't know what will happen when I buy more products, but I'm not thinking about that just yet!

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