Thursday, 21 August 2014

balance me moisture rich face cream

having received this cute little tube as a free gift with glamour magazine a couple of months ago, i put it in my beauty drawer, waiting to one day be tried and reviewed. seeing as i'm almost done with my tiny sample of the clinique dramatically different, i thought i'd try it out and let you know what i think.

 the first thing i noticed was that it is a very thick moisturiser, which led me to only ever using it at night. the Balance Me website states that this cream is perfect for  'minimising the signs of ageing in dry, sensitive and mature skins with hi-tech natural actives and extracts', and it certainly does feel very moisturising. I've been applying a thick layer before bed every night to act as an overnight mask of sorts, and it definitely leaves my skin feeling very soft.

the scent of rose is very strong in this moisturiser, so that may be something to consider if you are particularly sensitive to scents. i'm not usually that bothered about how products smell but even i was almost overwhelmed by the scent of this, so it's definitely something worth bearing in mind.

it is a lovely moisturiser that makes my skin feel very smooth and hydrated, but i was slightly startled by the price. upon researching this, i discovered that the tiny 25ml tube that i received as a free gift would usually retail for £15. this seems a bit steep to me. i'm glad that i had it in my time of need, and i enjoyed using it, but i have to say i probably wouldn't rush to repurchase. i feel like i can get a different intensive moisturiser for a lot less.

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