Saturday, 30 August 2014

models own egg shaped make up applicator

I buy a lot of beauty products based on reviews that I read on blogs. Most of my holiday shopping list is justified by good reviews that I've read by my favourite bloggers. I can be swayed by a good review. That being said, I still cannot bring myself to spend the money on an official Beauty Blender. It's so expensive for a sponge. I can't do it. So when I saw these professed dupes in the Models Own Bottle Shop last week, I thought I'd try them out, and see if they're possibly a more affordable dupe.

These sponges cost £8 for two, so they're definitely more affordable than the Beauty Blender. At first, I was worried that they wouldn't work as they seem very stiff and didn't seem to grow in size when dampened. I tried them with BB cream first and the result was not good. I think it's partly because I was in a rush and didn't have the time to make them work, so I gave up and applied it with my fingers instead.

Disheartened, I decided a couple of days later to try them with a foundation, and sought out the beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix. Following the instructions on the packet, I dampened the sponge and used it to pat foundation into my skin. It worked much better the second time. The sponge blended the product really well and left me with a gorgeous, natural looking finish. I was amazed at the way it worked.

I have also used the sponge to blend in cream blusher, again ending up with an impressive result. I think it takes patience to make them work, and it also required some trial and error on my part to get the result that I wanted. Overall though, I'm very impressed with these sponges and will definitely keep using them to apply my makeup.

It's good to know I can put off buying a Beauty Blender for a little bit longer!

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